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21 giel Septiembre 2011 It was a pleasure to work with All in One.All contacts regarding permits, drawings were arranged by them. What a pleasure when you're Dutch!The entire renovation was very well planned and coordinated. All parties knew what to do and at what time. This saved a lot of time.The work was done very quickly and accurately. They had an eye for detail. During the renovation they improved and adapted where necessary.We are very pleased with the result and want to recommend All in One therefore to everyone.
20 juan Agosto 2011 it was a pleasure dealing with All in One they captured what was required from the designs and completed the work exactly like we wanted. The professionalism came before anything and were always there for us during the project.
19 justo Agosto 2011 Property to the construction company "All in One":The strongest point of it is coordination between the different teams: bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, blacksmiths, carpenters and painters.It also goes without saying the detail of the protection/water proofing of the outer walls and continuous flooring.The premises were transformed into one for the Clinic "Lucrecia Bottle Dental Institute," which were in a precarious state and almost in ruin. This has become a benchmark as Clinical symbol for elegance and simplistic modern technologies adapted to recent times.Structure has been reinforced inside with steel beams so that it is more stable for the opening of open spaces and also, resistant to weather. It has also rehabilitated the side wall thereof with reinforcement and waterproofing.Special mention must go to the technical work done on the renewal of air through the air supply channeled through the ceiling where they had to analyze special points where you had to locate due to the amount of services by the same circles as well as the exact point at the exterior facade.A design level, the most characteristic is the reception desk which had to be manufactured in parts due to the size, curvature and dimension. White colour walls which match the filing cabinets, continuous flooring in a light gray colour. Each cubicle is painted in the different corporate colors, making the Clinic a unique place of work and for anyone visiting.
18 erik Agosto 2011 the staff are very professional dealing with all details. They gave us the whole project key in hand, we didn´t have to do anything but begin trading. They arrange all licenses, designs, furniture, etc. It was a pleasure doing business with them. They still to date come and help us if we have any problems; I think no job to big or too small for All in One.
17 david Agosto 2011 the project was challenging for All in One but they managed to pull off what we asked for. Eye for detail and perfection on completion, I will recommend their work to anybody.
16 raquel Agosto 2011 they changed my company profile by their innovative designs and colour, makes me look at my business in a new way, many thanks
7 cliente Enero 2011 Clinica Bucodental Botella - Damos las gracias a All in One por la manera tan profesional que han llevado a cabo el trabajo solicitado
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